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Today I wanted to share a quote that gives us a fresh perspective on the challenges that are being thrown our way. 

Think about some people who you would consider to be very successful in life. Of course, success means different things to each of us, so we’re all likely to come up with unique answers.

For some, success is about reaching career and financial goals. For others, it’s about achieving excellence in a particular area, or harnessing a natural talent in a creative way. Many would say that a successful life is one that is lived in the service of others, one that changes the world for the better.

Whatever your definition, and whomever comes to mind, take some time to consider the path that this person took on their road to success. Use Google if you don’t know. 

Was it a straightforward path? Did they face obstacles along the way? Were there times when they might have had to call on courage, strength and resilience to keep going?

If so, imagine that this person had given up at any one of these obstacles. Would their life be different now? Would others’ lives be different? If they’re a particularly influential person, would the world be different now? 

In what ways did their life expand in proportion with their courage?

Now consider your own experiences. Can you think of times in the past when you’ve had to be brave (even though maybe you didn’t want to) and your life expanded as a result?

Here are a few common examples:

Sitting an exam, despite feeling worried, and achieving a qualification that has opened doors for you.

Attending a job interview even though it was nerve-wracking, and then getting a job that you love.

Going to a party even when you felt socially anxious, and then meeting some new friends that now enrich your life.

There are setbacks and obstacles all around us right now, and it may feel like our goals have stalled or even like we've taken a step backwards. This might be in the areas of work, finances, business, or any life plans that we were working on before the crisis. 

A natural response is to want to run and hide. To stay in bed and pull the duvet over our heads, or to wallow in one too many Netflix marathons so that we don’t have to face the day. This might be fine for a little while if it helps us get through a period of being overwhelmed. But think of how much it would limit your life if you give up on your goals completely. 

Consider tackling your challenges head on, and you might just be rewarded.

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