Photo by Max van den Oetelaar @maxvdo

Therapy at Lux Psychology typically involves several aspects. The information below should give you an idea of what to expect.


The most important part is the opportunity for you to talk through your difficulties in a space of acceptance, non-judgement and genuine care for your wellbeing. My aim is to see your life as you see it, and in doing so I hope to help you to understand your experiences and make the changes that will work for you.


I like to keep therapy flexible and simple. It should feel enlightening and helpful, and never rigid or overly complicated.

First, I'll conduct an assessment, to learn about who you are and what's brought you to therapy.


I'll help you to clarify any specific goals, and together we'll try to get you there.


Throughout therapy, we will be developing a psychological formulation. Put simply, this is an explanation of what your difficulties are, how they have developed, and what factors are keeping them going. Formulation is a truly collaborative effort. You bring your knowledge of your life experiences, and I bring the psychological theories and insights that can help to piece the puzzle together. 

Formulation itself can be extremely therapeutic and for many people, this is the therapy. Having this new perspective often allows other things to fall into place on their own. 

We'll review our therapy regularly, to check that we're getting it right.

Usually you'll know when its time to end therapy, and you can do this at any time that you wish. Now is the time to remind ourselves of the things you've learned that you want to take forward. Hopefully you'll feel that the difficulties that you came with don't trouble you so much anymore, and you're ready to move forward with your life.